The Service Marketing Mix Should Now

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In today’s world, the service sector dominates the different economies of developed and developing nations. Services require different management activities, “it differs a lot from the marketing of goods” (Berry, 1980). Indeed, services are considered as intangible, variable and perishable ( Thus, we can say that the traditional 4 p’s are not sufficient anymore. Indeed, the service marketing mix should now include three other elements, which are the physical evidence, the people and finally, the service process ( In addition, we can say that the marketing of goods is not as critical as the management of services quality, which occurs through the monitoring of customer satisfaction. In contrary to the marketing of goods which is more focused on the physical product component, services require a certain customer loyalty, this implying having good service marketing skills.
In this essay, a general framework on the applicability of the theatre metaphor to the services will be discussed. Key concepts and also the underpinnings of the drama metaphor will be presented. To do so, models acquired in class will be used, as well as relevant references from textbook.

I) Value of services marketing:
In today’s world, almost all the companies operate in markets, which are considered by an excess of supply. Thus, if a customer were not satisfied by a specific service provided by a company, he would probably move to find another company, which
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