The Service Of A Catholic School

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In regards to the RGA crew leaders, the RCs were then spent on items that the crew needed. These items varied, and were dependent on the location that said crew was situated at. Nevertheless, examples of items that were bought with RCs included new members with different specialties, evangelization materials, items produced by either Republic or Confederation Programs (the price is higher, if the item in question needs to be imported), extra hands in the form of BUG crews, Anomalies and Anomaly detecting equipment, and office supplies from simple paper clips to high powered color printers. Apparel and other forms of Ryanite regalia was also a good item to buy with RC. Oftentimes, it was the usual black overcoats or brown leather jackets…show more content…
Still, the RGA’s use of rationing to make sure that everyone was supplied with whatever they need enabled them to project power using the least amounts of materials and manpower. Despite brilliant planning by their leadership, it was a common fact of life that quantity was obviously not one of the RGA’s greatest strongpoints. Judging from its membership and the ingenious policies and methods of operation that the RGA as a whole pursued, what they lack in quantity, they always try to compensate it by using quality. *** (Five days later) Roughly around the exact same time as the RGA and its fellow allies were building their plans at making the Great Leaps Westward a reality, somewhere within the jurisdiction of the Catholic Diocese of Rockville-Centre, something else was indeed brewing. At a large house in Long Island, a Catholic School Underground member of the “Triumphant” faction by the name of Faustina “Tina” Dubanowski was ready to make the Underground’s first moves deep in the region known as New England. Her orders, which entailed the collection of a rare type of Anomaly that has been said to have finally manifested itself, came at 4AM on the 12th of June. Together with her fellow Underground friends, along with some new ones, they were not hesitant their moment came. Their search for a new type of Anomaly took them away from the rather quaint locale of New York’s Long Island,
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