The Service Of Service Design

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We have learnt from Servicer Strategy that service means to provide guidance on design, and how to implement them according to the needs of the customer. From the service lifecycle Service Design comes after the service strategy (Annexure A). The service design is not limited to new services, but also to old services which are need to improve the service design which are necessary to maintain the value to customers. The main objective of service design is designing an innovative idea or to change an existing design into a live environment. To change a design or to implement there are several requirements. These requirements are taken from the service portfolios and they are analyzed. There are teams which will indulge in this process and…show more content…
They said that design is moving closer to the social innovation linking its characteristics at different levels. For example, service and relationships to social needs or improving life conditions and social situations. In order to successfully implement the plan of design or projects of service management there has to be efficient use of 4P’s: The People, the Process, the Products and the Partners. To function the service management, the 4P’s must be overlapped to each other. There should balance between all the 4P’s to ensure safe and appropriate design. The design approach must be comprehensive, because most of the problems faced by the organizations are focus on the functional requirements. The design architecture should be considered from all the aspects. Therefore, there are several design aspects, they are: Service level management, Availability management, Service catalogue management, Security management, Capacity management, IT service continuity management. Service Level Management: Service level management is an important link between IT and business. Service level provides a good foundation for good quality service, cost reduction IT services and ensuring compliance with the service goals and customer’s expectations. An effective service level system will always ensure that the key aspects are met in time where risks is not into picture. For an effective business, IT service level provider can improve clients service delivery and satisfaction.
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