The Setting Of A Story

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Setting is defined as the context in which the play occurs in a play (Sweeney 20). Authors have used descriptive or actual regions as setting for their plot and by doing so have demonstrated the place, time and social environment in which the story is being told (Bernardo, Palumbo and Sullivan 85). The setting of a story makes the readers gain a deeper insight on the true nature of the characters through their converations, thoughts, emotions, and actions resulting in the development of convincing characters. Hence, setting reveals the nature of characters in a prose that helps readers understand and relate with them. The setting could be harsh or favourable making the characters react to in in some way. The reaction is powerful in terms of evoking emotions among the readers and helping shift perception towards the author’s intention of the story. This is mainly because a story will have a protagonist and antagonist and their thoughts and actions reveal who they are. This essay will show how the authors of three fiction, namely “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”, “The Birds”, and “The Walking Dead, 1 Days Gone Bye” have used setting to disclose the nature of their characters.
Alice in Lewis Carrol’s Adventures in Wonderland is an inquisitve, logical, and forthright young girl. Somehow, these traits help the author inspire his target audience consisting of children of Alice’s age group. Carrol’s devises two types of setting, namely reality world and wonderland, to show
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