The Setting Of Recent Management By The Eye And Ear Hospital

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scan in the setting of recent management by The Eye and Ear Hospital for scleritis. She had redness of her right eye for six months and was seen by Michael at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and he did diagnosed right-sided scleritis and I understand that there was a question of whether or not this may be sarcoid in the setting of a normal ACE level and negative quantiFRERON Gold negative??. She was on prednisolone at 25mg and has been weaned down to 5mg. She has had no other significant worsening of symptoms associated with her eye symptoms. She noticed no rashes and she has always had arthritis in her left fingers and right wrist and has noticed no worsening of this or any other arthralgias. She has noticed no worsening of her baseline issues with breathlessness or any morning productive cough. She is not noticing any fevers sweats or loss of weight. With regards to her COPD, this was diagnosed at The Northern Hospital. She has been on Spiriva in the past but more recently just on Seretide with Ventolin as required. In the last year, she has been transitioned to Respimat and Seretide and seems to be a bit confused with the dosing. She is taking two puffs of Respimat in the morning and two puffs of Seretide 250/25 at night with a spacer. She uses her Ventolin mainly when with cold air or exertion. Her exercise tolerance has been well preserved over the last couple of years at about 500m to 1km on the flat at her own pace, and she has always had
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