The Setting Of The Book Of Matthew. Matthew Is The First

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The Setting of the book of Matthew Matthew is the first book of the New Testament and it was written for a community of Greek-speaking Jewish Christian located in Syria, Rome. Most biblical scholars believe that book of Matthew was written between AD 80 and 90. The author of the book of Matthew is Matthew who was a tax collector when Jesus called him. Jews hated tax collectors because they’d considered them as dishonest since tax collectors had to raise a certain amount of money from Jews and kept the commission. When Jesus called Matthew, he opened his heart immediately to Jesus. He even opened his house to sinners like prostitute and other tax collectors. Matthew was a transition messenger to close the gap between the Old Testament…show more content…
Each one begins with the phrase, “when Jesus had finished.” It begins with the words, “The Book of Genealogy (in Greek Genesis)” Of Jesus Christ. It is echoing the words of Genesis 2:4. The first narrative section begins when John baptizes Jesus. Then it tells about His forty days in the wilderness and His Sermon on the Mount. The second narrative is about Jesus’ three sets of miracles and two sets of two disciples. The third narrative is a collection of parables that are from chapter 14-17. The fourth narrative is from chapters 19-22 that tell community instructions. The fifth narrative is from chapters 23-25 that is Sermon Eschatology. Chapters from 26-28 are conclusion chapters that tell Passion and Resurrection. Composition of the book of Matthew Matthew himself as the “scribe trained” and was extremely familiar with Israel’s Scriptures. Matthew explains Jesus as seen by embodiment of all preceding Jewish history. In that reason, he begins with genealogy and infancy of Jesus. It features four noble women in chapter 1. It includes a number of fulfillment passages that relates Jesus to prophetic texts and allusions to famous Hebrews of the past including Joseph, Moses. Jesus ministry begins with three temptation in the desert that correspond to the experiences of Israel in the desert after the exodus. The theme is Jesus of Messiah, the Kingdome of heaven, conflict between Jesus and the religious

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