The Setting Of The Program Essay

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Katherine Webb
Mr. Hyde
English 2 Pre-AP, Period 4

The Program
Suzanne Young


The setting of The Program takes place in the home and school of Sloane as well as the Treatment Center in a nation where there is an epidemic of teen suicide. Sloane’s school is full of anxiety like any other high school but even more so because the students are being watched by teachers, staff, and guards that will alert the Treatment Center officials if any of them exhibits signs of depression or harmful thoughts. Kids being dragged, screaming and with force, out of the halls and into the horrifying hands of the handlers creates an atmosphere of alertness, stress, and anxiety. Sloane’s home, rather than being comforting and a place to relax, is yet another place where Sloane is watched under a microscope by her parents who are constantly searching for any signs that Sloane could be getting sick. When any sign of depression could set off an alarm for her parents to send her away to treatment, Sloane acts incredibly anxious in her own home which makes the house as a whole seem to convey uneasiness. In the beginning of the book, Sloane’s house is full of pictures of friends and family and memories but after returning from the Treatment Center, the house is bare left with only decorations that are unable to bring up any depressing memories Sloane could have. The Treatment Center is under the watchful eyes of the Officials even more than the houses or school is under them. The…

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