The Setting Of The Story A Rose For Emily

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The setting of the story A Rose For Emily is described to be in a southern type of setting. Also, it is noted that this story was taken place in Jackson Mississippi because of how it talks about the battle of Jackson. This short story was probably after the Civil War occurred because of how it was taken place in the 1880s and 1890s. These are all Southern Gothic elements because southern setting, Civil War, and slavery and race are all traits of how Southern Gothic literature is written. Slavery and race was also in the setting of this book because of how African Americans were still seen as slaves. Tobe - static character - Tobe is important because I believe that he is the narrator of the story and that he observed everything that Miss Emily has ever done. He is the observer and can truly decide if Miss Emma was innocent or truly crazy. Tobe is important to the story because of how he knew Miss Emma very well and he can tell the story from his point of view to tell others the truth about who Miss Emma really was.
Miss Emily’s father - static character - Miss Emily’s father is an important character because it shows the abuse that Miss Emily endured and how it shows how crazy she was. She did not want to give up her father even though he was dead and gone. Her father also shows how people were during this time period and how you needed the father’s approval in order to even speak to women like Miss Emma. He was cruel to Miss Emma and did not let her go out with anyone…
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