The Setting Of This Story And Why Do You Think The Author Has Used This Setting?

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What is the setting of this story and why do you think the author has used this setting?
The setting of this story consists of three different subtopics. The first being place is set in a small place called Maycomb County which is a district situated in Southern Alabama. Most of the plot takes place in the main character house, the neighbor’s houses, the school and the streets that run from their house to the school through the Radley Place. The other places in the story are slightly used in the plot. I know that these are the places that are shown in the book because many of them are spoken by the narrator herself since they are written in the text. This is the place the novel is set in. Next, the time of the story is in the early 1930s during the years of the Great Depression. I know that history is written in this time era because the narrator herself delivers this information to the readers and the situations they live in such as less money, unemployment, poverty and hunger all relate to the Great Depression. The story doesn’t have a definite day or night, since it portrays many years it fluctuates between those two times. Lastly is the mood or atmosphere of the story. In the story the mood changes throughout the scenarios that take place. There are moments of fun and happiness when the kids are paying outside on summer days, moments when the characters are bored for example when Scout goes to school and she already knows most of what her curriculum teaches her but the…
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