The Settlement Of The Israeli Essay

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The settlement of the Israeli started with the ideology of Zionism, which is to found a Jewish-majority nation that serves as the safe heaven for all Jewish identifying population over the world, in its most sacred place: the father land. After the long battle against anti-Semitism and the most traumatic experience of the Holocaust, the Jewish population was compelled to find a nation that it would provide a safe place; such sentiment and obligation to the both physical and social survival of the population is sound and legitimate. However, Israel, as a nation, is in a tough spot: geologically, it is located in the Middle East, sitting on what used to be considered Palestinian territory; due to the Diaspora, new—not wholly new, but post-Diaspora new—groups settled in the region, and the founding of the nation is inherently in conflict with the both settler’s right to live. Due to the Middle Easternism and its hostility to the West and the Israelites originating from the West in concept [sic], Israel’s fundamental existence is threatened (Drake, ). As a result, whereas the Palestine-Israel conflict is situated in post-Cold War era that marks the decline in the physical military front, the foreign policy of Israel for the most part still adopts classical concept of security; alas, Israeli government always tried to incorporate human security concerns to be dealt during the peace processes with surrounding Middle Eastern countries, however short, which shows that the Israeli

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