The Seven Commandments I Consider Most Important in Our Society

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In this paper I am going to state seven commandments that I think is most important in our society. The seven commandments in Animal Farm were based on animal rights and what not to do so that they avoid acting like humans. These commandments however changed later in the story so it was very hypocritical. My commandments will be basic rules and will not change under any circumstances. The first rule and most important commandment in my opinion is to treat others the way you want to be treated. This is a very basic and well known unwritten rule but yet not many people abide by this rule. People tend to treat others as if they are of less importance or of lower class. Everyone is equal and everyone has the same rights so nobody should feel…show more content…
It is actually very hard to be completely honest all the time and in every situation. But I believe that being honest can be very rewarding in the end because you are not deceiving others or yourself which is beneficial to you and society. My fifth commandment is to always be open-minded. Approaching new situations with an open mind can help you find a solution or get adjusted faster. Even when you think you are right, you should still listen to other people’s opinions respectively. There’s always a possibility that you can be wrong so always be humble and always be open-minded. My sixth commandment is to honor your father and mother. They are the people who brought you into this world and gave you life so no matter the relationship you have with them, always respect and honor them. Appreciate the fact that they have raised you and gave everything they had to help you succeed and become who you are today. For some families however it may not be that way but there is still no excuse to disrespect your parents, you may distant yourself from them if abuse or violation is involved but still respect them because in the end, they are still your parents. My final commandment is “Do not kill anyone”. Nobody has the right to take another persons life away unless extreme danger is provoked against them. Everyone has the right to live their life and for a person to take that away with something as simple as a
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