The Seven Functions Of Management

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For any organization (in this case, health organization) to succeed, survive or thrive, there must be effective and efficient management on the part of the leadership. Management is an essential component of any organization because it is the component that directs and coordinates the current activities of the organization and also makes provisions on the plans for the future. Business (2015) defines management as organizing and coordinating the activities of business with the sole aim of achieving its defined objectives. It is the act of bringing people together in other to achieve the desired objectives and goals in an effective and efficient way. Management can also be defined as the ability or procedures made to achieve the goals of an organization by bringing people together, coordinating them…show more content…
These fourteen principles are still in use till date as He (Fayol) is still considered as one of the most powerful contributors to the present-day management concept (Mind tools, 2015). 2.1.2 Functions of Management For management to be effective, it should be able to creatively solve problems, motivate employees/workers and be able to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It consists of various components and activities which are useful to every manager without regard to their level or status. There are seven functions of management that I will like to discuss below; each functions are inseparable because each one depend on the other. These management functions are: • Planning: It is a process which involves setting the aims, mission statement and objectives of the organization and how they will be achieved. Nothing can be achieved without proper planning. Planning outlines what tasks to do, when to do it and how to perform the tasks. Planning is based on the short and long term successes of the organization (Purnell,

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