The Seven Principles Of Corporate Chaplaincy

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I have recently read Mark Cress’ C-Change: How To Transform Any Business Through The 7 Simple Principles of Corporate Chaplaincy (Wake Forest, NC: Lamphier, 2005). This review will discuss and evaluate the seven principles – Christ, Call, Confidentiality, Compassion, Control, Consistency, and Conversion - and briefly discuss their relevance and importance and the way the author has presented and discussed each principle. In addition I will critique two things I disagree with, and in conclusion I will give a final assessment of the book including more personal opinion. Clear introduction that outlines your intentions

Mark Cress is the founder and former president of Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) with some 18 years’ experience in corporate chaplaincy. According to his book’s preface, by learning the ‘7 C’s’ of Corporate Chaplaincy will open up new perspectives of leadership and care for individuals, and by implementing them into the life of the business “will transform it for future success and eternally impact the lives of its employees in the process” (Cress, 2005, p. ii). Cress has written his book in seven short chapters – one for each of the principles – each a short story from the perspective of a fictional chaplain new to the job, Reverend Lonnie Peppers, based on real life situations. These situations reflect the principles and their importance, and how the situation changes or improves when each principle is practiced or a favourable outcome is reached when
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