The Seven Principles Of The Care Value Base

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In this task, I will look at the seven principles of the Care Value Base. The Care Value Base is a Code of Practice which care workers follow and must apply a level of care to service users according to the Care Value Base. I will look at one particular care setting, which will be a hospital, to investigate how they provide a high quality of care according to the Care Value Base. While on work placement at a hospital, I learnt valuable information on how a hospital follows the guidelines of the Care Value Base when caring for service users.
The seven principles of the Care Value Base are:
• Promotion of anti-discriminatory practice.
• Promotion and support of dignity, independence and safety.
• Respect for and acknowledgement of personal
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The staff are taught all this through training, this allows the staff to be treated equal by staff regardless their race, gender, sexuality etc. In the hospital, males and females are treated equally on the wards. In the wards both genders are combined, this allows no segregation. It allows patients in the hospital to feel equal with one-another.
Promotion and support of dignity, independence and safety
This principle is to ensure that within the hospital, the patients dignity is respected, they are given their own independence, even if that means by supervision of staff and their safety is protected. It’s the staff’s responsibility to ensure that this need is met. For example, when it comes to giving the patients a bed bath, the staff must ensure that the patient’s privacy is protected by not exposing the patient and making sure no others can see by closing the curtains or by closing the door. The patients in the hospital should be encouraged to make their own decisions. Such as, a member of staff should take the menu around each of the patients in the morning and ask them what they would like to eat for that day. I experienced this first-hand during work placement as I was asked to go around the ward and ask each patient what they would like from the set menu. Another method from the principle is before a patient receives further
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