The Seven-Step Process of Environmental Risk Management with Negligence

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The Seven-Step Process of Environmental Risk Management with Negligence

In reviewing the simulation one major tort violation identified was the claim of negligence by Alumina, Inc. As with any successful negligence case there are primary elements, which include proof that: 1) there was wrongdoing on the part of the defendant, or 2) the defendant failed to take reasonable steps to prevent harm to others (Thompson, p. 31). Like other environmental tort cases, EPA violations or state issued permits may be sufficient to establish wrongful conduct of the defendant (Thompson, p. 31). When it is possible that there is validity to a claim of negligence in either case, it is necessary to look at the tort violation from a risk management
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Policies and procedures Alumina, Inc. would benefit from an internal review and audit of its policies and procedures to verify that they are followed. Even the best run organizations may begin with a strong set of regulatory guidelines in place, but if not closely monitored to ensure compliance bad habits can lead to bad practices with poor outcomes. In the simulation the company discovered years ago that there was an environmental compliance issue and took steps to correct it. Even though they had no further problems with this issue, they discovered that the results of practice violations, even when corrected, could have far-reaching implications. In this case it came about with the claim of Bates that the company 's negligence caused harm to her daughter. In many instances, whether the claims were valid or not, the negative press was enough to cause a major risk management concern. It is for this reason that necessary policies and procedures are followed. It is also for this reason that they require periodic review and revision to ensure safe practices at all times.
Training and education Training and education is an important requirement for any organization. Although it was not discussed in the simulation what the root cause of the practice issues from five years ago rose from, it may likely have been the result of mere lack of appropriate job knowledge of employees responsible for a particular job, or task, or

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