The Seven Year 's War Impacted Colonial Development

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The Seven Year’s War impacted colonial development in Canada as the British gained control of majority of Canada’s land and had dominant power due to their victory against the French colonies. As a result of the war and the Treaty, it ended French political and cultural influence in Canada. It also had influenced colonial development as people were to abide the laws and constitutions were developed by British with Queen of England being the head of state. Further, Aboriginal people were excluded from the Treaty of Paris as lands were divided with no provision for the Aboriginal people’s lands.
b) Following the Treaty of Paris, King George III issued a Royal Proclamation (1763), what did the Proclamation outline?
The Proclamation outlines many matters including Quebec would be ruled by a British Governor, English law replacing the French system, promoting English and Protestant religion, and the Canadiens were allowed to speak French and practice Catholic religion.
The relevant part of Proclamation to the Aboriginal people was the large areas of land to the west of the Thirteen Colonies were reserved for them. Thus, it recognized Indigenous people as a nation. Settlers and fur traders were not allowed to enter these lands without special government permission. Further, the Proclamation prohibited colonial governors from making any grants or taking any land cessions from First Nations people and established a set of procedures for the purchasing of First Nations land.
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