The Seventh Man Summary

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Should the narrator of “The Seventh Man’ forgive himself for his failure of saving K? What I think the narrator should do is forgive himself. So many people might think he shouldn’t because he lost this person.. But sometimes that happens everyday and people can’t help it. But anyways, why I think he should forgive himself for this terrible thing is because it is not his fault. No one should blame themselves for that the earth has done to a human being. So these are the two reasons why I think he should forgive himself. Okay, in the first paragraph I said that he should forgive himself and I have a lot of reasons but i have put them down to two good reasons why he should forgive himself. This first reason is you cannot control the weather and how everything happens. The earth is a planet with things that happen for a reason. Such as what happen with the waves taking K with it and he would was never seen again. Waves in oceans and lakes are dangerous. No one can track what will happen with waves unless the wind is very strong and you can see the waves going crazy. I had one of those things happen to me once the wave was too strong but I got out of it. Time will tell when everything happens and nature takes time too. Now on to my next reason why he should not feel bad about it.…show more content…
Yes the body can handle many of things but grief is a hard one to do. Suffering from what happen is not the answer to any situation like this. What you should do it get up and not feel so bad about what happen. Yes, all this may affect other people’s lives but you need to think about yourself and what you could do for yourself and get over this. Take time to cool down and relax it is not the end of the

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