The Severe Corneal Abscess : Report Of 14 Cases

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The severe corneal abscess : report of 14 cases

Y.Bennouk[1]; A.Chekabab[2]; S.Louaya[3]; M.Kriet[4] ;K.Reda[5]; A.Oubaaz[6]

[1] ,[3], [4], [5], [6] Department of Ophthalmology, Military Hospital of instruction Mohammed V (Morocco) [2] Bacteriology service, military hospital of instruction Mohammed V (Morocco)

Aim: Present the clinical, microbiological and therapeutic corneal abscesses treated in the ophthalmology department of the Military Hospiltal of Rabat (Morocco).
Methods: We conducted a retrospective study over 4 years in patients hospitalized at the military hospital in Rabat for severe corneal abscess.
Results: Fourteen patients had a unilateral corneal abscess. The average age was 46.28 years. Was male predominance. The average period of consultation was 7 days. The average length of hospital stay was 19 days. A risk factor was identified in 78.5% of cases with contact lens wear (21.4%), the closed eye injury (21.4%) and eye surgery (14.2%). The removal of corneal helped isolate the causative organisms in 78.5%, coagulase negative Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa were the species most frequently encountered. All patients received broad-spectrum antibiotics after appropriate to the sensitivity. The anatomical evolution was good for 13 patients (92.8%), with one case of evisceration.Functional recovery after treatment was good for one patient and seven patients were scheduled for a cold corneal…

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