The Severity Of Depression Epidemic

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In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in the number people who have been diagnosed with depression According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention one in ten Americans twelve and over are currently on antidepressants. This fact is especially true for females whose use was double of what men used. This increase in diagnosis and use of antidepressant many believe that depression is becoming an epidemic. Rottenberg mentions in his article the severity of depression epidemic according to the World Health Organization, “by 2030, the amount of disability and life lost as a result of depression will be greater than that resulting from any other condition, including accidents, war, suicide, cancer, and stroke”(Rottenberg). Though these statistics seem very alarming it may be a case of over medicalization. Medicalization is the when a problem that was not normally seen as a medical problem that has now seen as a medical problem. Examples of conditions that have been medicalized are ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and depression. Due to the fact that depression has been many are wondering if there is really a growing depression epidemic or is it a case of depression the being over medicalized. Many people believe that there is a depression epidemic due to the fact there has been a large increase of cases. Rottenberg even brings up statistics from the World Health Organization. to show how depression has increased ,“But we don 't need to wait 16 years. The depression
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