The Severity Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd ) Essay

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The severity of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is sometimes overlooked. With so many people responding to their own quirks, “it’s my OCD,” or “I’m so OCD,” it is hard to grasp the actual concept of the illness. Rather than a false self-diagnosis, if a person believes he or she is suffering from this disorder, he or she should seek out medical attention to receive a proper diagnosis. On top of this, it is beneficial to become educated to get a further understanding of this condition. OCD is a disorder that can be overcome with specific medications and other practices. OCD has many apparent factors. The first component of OCD is that it is an obsession. According to an article titled “Complementary medicines that may assist in managing obsessive compulsive disorder” from Gale Student Resources in Context, sufferers of this disorder have recurring thoughts that interrupt their daily routines. These are brought on by triggers. Everyone with this disorder has a different set of triggers although there are some triggers that overlap. A lot of people with OCD share many common obsessions, such as believing they are contaminated, fearing something bad will happen, or feeling unsure if they have done something outrageous (Journal). Once triggered, a tremendous amount of anxiety is experienced. At this point, the sufferer must do something to rid themselves of this feeling. Now the sufferer feels obliged to partake in compulsive behaviors. Compulsions are the
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