The Sex Industry Has Become A Global Multimillion Dollar Industry

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The sex industry has become a global multimillion dollar industry that involves international sex trade, child prostitution, and pornography. This social problem has affected many individuals, is it considered a norm violations/deviance behavior. These involve promiscuous behaviors which are viewed as deviance. These behaviors and those who engage in them bring violence to society and it is not considered a social norm. Though some societies believe that the sex industry benefits the economy, others believe that it is a deviant career. Woman are the dominant factor because of economic inequality. Women are often viewed as an object and their bodies being commodities. As far as pornography, children and women are the victims. It is a threat to the values of society and encourages people to engage in these deviant behaviors. It emphasizes more on men being superior and making females inferior (Hall 2015). Child prostitution, sex trafficking, sex trade involve woman and children who are exploited and violates the norms. The specific problem with the sex industry is that pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking have become a prominent social problem. What these have in common is that the technology and the internet has been widely used to lure individuals into this industry. Many people use social media as a way to do sex trades and view pornography. The Internet has made it accessible for these illegal operations to occur (Hughes 2000). The trafficking of women have
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