The Sex Model Of The Medical Field Essay

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Planning on a future in the medical field, I found the discussion and study of the one-sex and two sex model history incredibly fascinating. Humans looked at our bodies, along with other things, very differently in past centuries and sexuality was included amongst these other things. What sexuality is, what it means to society, and what it means to be a man or woman has actually changed over the years. History class has taught us that living in a different time period can produce a different experience of what it means to be human and how we live and experience life. Through recorded history, we have an evolving view of sex and what different types of sex are. Popular opinion of sex moved from a one sex model to a two sex model as alternative views and developments in medical science and technology in conjunction with change in the thinking of people regarding the genders including pre–revolution enlightenment, post-revolution feminism, separation of labor and the rise of medical professions all contributed to a change from the one-sex model to the two sex model as a means of supporting and protecting male dominance both in private and public. Laquer claims that sex as we know it is a social construction and historically, a one sex model supported society’s position and later a two sex model was used in the same way. Society has a large influence on the topic of sex and gender, and from the very start of the formation of a community’s social construction, sex and gender are
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