The Sex Talk

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Parents communicating with their children about sex can be tough. Tom Scheve, gives us advice on this subject in the article, “10 Tips for Talking to Teens About Sex. This discusses the communication between parents and their children about sex. Many articles have discussed this topic. To help understand if these tips are a good way to communicate with teenagers about sex I will use several journal articles that study the communication between parents and their children. This article discusses ways to make the communication between parents and teens more effective and less embarrassing. Tom Scheve is the author of the article and he is a writer who studied at the University of Georgia and East Tennessee State University. In his article he discusses many very good strategies to communicate well but I feel that their could have been a few more pieces of information that would help parents be more effective. Even without these added pieces of information I feel that this article gives many good tips and can be very effective. Tom Scheve, gives us 10 strategies that can help parents with their communication about sex with their teenagers. The 10 tips are, Don't Preach, Encourage Openness, Talk to Them Early, Be “Askable,” Let Them Know They’re Sexually Normal, Be Comfortable with the Subject, Don’t Focus Just on STDs and Pregnancy, Not the Spanish Inquisition (interrogation), Make Sure It Isn’t a One-way Conversation, and Provide Educational Resources. This article
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