The Sex Trade Still Exists

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No one said life would be easy. Every day is filled with trials and tribulations which must be overcome to get to the next. What we face here in the United States is, as we see it, extreme. We see homeless people, families struggling to get by, stock market failing, gas prices rising, unemployment going up, and much more. But elsewhere, their struggles are different. Their obstacles in life are more challenging than our measly problems in this first world country. The sex trade still exists, slavery among women and children, trafficking of girls and drugs, and so much more. From the book Sold by Patricia McCormick comes a story about a girl named Lakshmi and her struggles from the mountains of Nepal carried to Happiness House where she was sold into the sex trade, and through it all is able to learn that, “ simply to endure, is to triumph” (16). Lakshmi grew up a poor mountain girl in a village in Nepal. From an early age she was willing to do whatever it took to get a tin roof for her family. “Let me go to the city. I can work for a rich family…and send my wages home to you” (1). Having a tin roof in their village meant they had some money and they would be safe and dry form the rain. However, Lakshmi’s stepfather gambled away everything he owned and eventually even Lakshmi. Lakshmi lived and learned in a Patriarchal world. From early on she was taught by Ama, her mother, what her identity in the world needed to be. “…carry yourself with modesty, bow your
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