The Sex Trafficking Trade

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The sex trafficking trade has been largely acquainted with countries in Europe and South America of the years. Nonetheless, this epidemic in reality has been in the United States for some time. The United States has become tolerable because of the amount of money the sex business industry brings in annually. The youths trapped in prostitution, brothel, massage services has been on the upsurge due to a lack of assistance. Lack of acknowledgment by the government and the media has been astounding. To comprehend how to combat the issue one must be aware there has been a problem occurring. Therefore it would be essential to provide the necessary statistics for individuals to know which youths are targets by their vulnerability. The types of…show more content…
Instead youths receive treatment and counseling to overcome the trauma they endured during their victimization. States such as New York, Georgia and Florida have established special programs for youths and young women that are victims of both domestic and foreign sex trafficking. These groups provide different types of services to youth such as cognitive-behavioral counseling, legal representation and health services (Fong & Cardoso, 2010). However, many also receive some type of life skills training and assistance with employment through legitimate employers. Foreign youths often receive a special refugee status “unaccompanied refugee minors (URM) and are retained into federal foster care. These youths are then eligible for mental health services, education and independent living assistance. Though many services are available to these youths some are especially important for reintegration back to society. Reintegration is essential for these youths to become productive in the future. One way these programs assist youths have been through intensive mental health services. There have been several different types such as group and cognitive therapy. Sometimes intense private sessions are necessary to combat Stockholm syndrome which is when the victim becomes attached or aligned with the sex trafficker and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) (Hardy, Compton & McPhatter, 2013). Youths must realize the pattern of abuse so
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