The Sexual Orientation And Gender

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The two individuals I interviewed are homosexual males that differ from me in their sexual orientation and gender. I met my first interviewee for an hour on Wednesday, September 21st, and I met my second interviewee for an hour on Wednesday, September 28th. Through these interviews, I learned a great deal about each individual and it allowed me to gain insight into each of their lives. The first individual I interviewed is named Brandon and lives in Lebanon, Missouri. He was born in Osage Beach, Missouri, but moved to Lebanon when he was very young—around 2 or 3 years old. Brandon graduated in 2015 with a degree in biology with minors in chemistry and psychology. He has a pretty big immediate family, including a father from Missouri, a mother from Florida, and four biological and three half-brothers. According to Brandon, his family is very important to him and he keeps close relationships with everyone in his immediate family. Being close to his family has allowed him to have many good and bad memories of his childhood. One of his favorite memories was traveling with his dad around the country. His dad used to work in the automotive industry, so he had to travel a lot to pick up parts for the company he worked for. When his dad would have to leave, he would let Brandon tag along and they would travel mainly to the East Coast. With all these good memories, there is one bad memory that clouds his memory—his grandma passing away when he was fifteen-years-old. He was
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