The Sexual Orientation Of The United States

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In this assignment I interviewed two homosexual Iranians that moved to Norway because of the persecution in their home country. To be attracted to the same sex in Iran is considered an illness, and many people find themselves helpless regarding to get information about it. If you go to your family or friends for support, they will say that your have a sickness, since they have never heard about this either. The only thing that the government does to help these people is providing them with the opportunity of a sex change. If they object they will be executed. In Norway homosexuality is open, and people are educated about different sexual orientation from the primary school, there is also a telephone support system for people that have questions regarding their sexuality. There is even a Norwegian Law protecting the homosexuals if they feel that they have been mistreated regarding their sexuality.
I focused my interview questions on how it was for them to live in a country, without having the chance to be open about their sexuality and how it was for them to move to another country. Both of my sources would like to be anonymous, so I choose to call them Josef & Maria. I came in contact with them through an organization in Norway called Queer World. This organization is for people from minority groups who experience love, sexuality and attraction to the same sex, whether they define themselves as gays, lesbians, bisexual, queer, transgender or heterosexual. (Queer World,…
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