The Sexual Orientation Of The United States

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In this assignment I interviewed two homosexual Iranians that moved to Norway because of the persecution in their home country. To be attracted to the same sex in Iran is considered an illness, and many people find themselves helpless regarding to get information about it. If you go to your family or friends for support, they will say that your have a sickness, since they have never heard about this either. The only thing that the government does to help these people is providing them with the opportunity of a sex change. If they object they will be executed. In Norway homosexuality is open, and people are educated about different sexual orientation from the primary school, there is also a telephone support system for people that have…show more content…
They will provide support, advice and information for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender with minority backgrounds and their families, which will promote integration and equality. Josef was born in Iran in 1960 in a Muslim family, and when he was 16 years old, he choose to come forward and tell his family that he was gay. Josef told me that his father first words regarding his sexual orientation were “I failed as a father, hopefully the military academy will make you become a man, not a girl” So the first thing his family did, was to drop him off to a military academy. In the military, Josef´s family did not want to have any contact with him; they had cut all relations between them. However he meets two other guys that were in the same position as him, they both were gay and were also dropped off at the military academy of their families. Josef tells me that all three of them had to try to flee to Turkey; they wanted to live openly and have the freedom, and not worry about be punished by flogging or death by the Iranian government. In 1964 Maria was born, she came from a very wealthy and religious family in the capitol of Iran, Teheran. Maria liked to wear men’s clothes, and her parents thought it just was a face. But when she turned eighteen,
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