The Sexualisation And Popularization Of Feminism Within The 21st Century

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The sexualisation and popularization of Feminism within the 21ST century


Feminism as an idea has been actively intersected and integrated within the western mainstream pop culture progressively since the beginning of the 21st century. Some of the largest players in the current mainstream music scene not only identify as feminist but also encourage their millions of fans to do the same. While this could potentially be a positive influence on a movement that has struggled to gain larger scale mainstream representation since it’s beginnings in the 19th centaury, this essay aims to explore the damage it is inevitably causing to the movement.
I argue that the introduction of feminism into mainstream pop culture has been deliberately controlled, manipulated and harmfully misrepresented in an attempt to thwart the movement’s natural evolution and progression. This essay will explore the various aspects to such an argument in a number of steps. Firstly, I will begin with a necessary and brief history of both First and second wave feminism as well as a general evaluation of the current gendered system. I will go on to then discuss new age pop culture and mass media, as well as its involvement with the erroneous, sexulisated and popularized version of feminism that has been specifically highlighted within the new millennium. Consequently, I will also discuss how this is tied in to both the objectification, and subjectification of women and the recent shift between the

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