The Sexuality Of African American Women

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According to Ross, J. N and Coleman, N. M (2011) , the sexual scripts theory is a theory that observes how someone’s culture and environment can influence their actions and attitudes towards sexual behaviour and their interaction with the opposite sex. According to this theory, there is a distinct relation between a person’s culture and the advance of their sexual scripts. However, although research has been conducted on how certain people’s cultures can have an impact on how they engage sexually with others and their attitudes toward sexual behaviour, research for this link on African American women has not yet been fully investigated. The scripting that African American women have most frequently been exposed to are those of racist and…show more content…
Therefore, the sexual scripting won’t only affect the way others think about young African American women, but it can also influence the way in which they should view themselves (Heaton and Wilson, 1995)2. With the sexual scripting in hip hop being that of women having to cater to the male’s every sexual need, young African American women may see this as normal behaviour that they should follow. This could therefore result in males perceiving African American women in the same way in which they are scripted in hip hop songs, as the women are being seen to follow the stereotypes/scripts in the song.
Though the above information is talking about sexual scripting in regards to African American women, the information could be relevant to all women. This is due to the fact that hip hop influences women all around the world, whether it be for example European women or African American women. The hip hop songs that are being played in America are the same as those that are being played in other countries and therefore, the women in those countries are also susceptible to the sexual scripts in hip hop. This can be seen in the way they dress (imitating the women in the music videos) or even using the same slang that is being used by the rappers. It can also be seen in changing standards of beauty, where more women now think its important to have a big bum and boobs and a small waist. This could be said to be an ideal that has been portrayed to them through the use of curvaceous
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