The Sexuality Of Female Sexuality

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In modern societies, where all the former taboos on sex are abolished, one subject can still raise a wave of debates. People of almost all religious views and social orders are ready to accept and be tolerant to homosexual or bisexual people, but the issue over the female sexuality is still unsettled. The question how it differs from the male sexuality and why exactly the attitude to female sexuality is different compared to the male one is discussed by lots of psychologists, sociologists and philosophers. However, there is no coherent and competent explanation yet. “Sexuality is messy, passionate, unclear, tentative, anxiety-producing, liberating, frightening, embarrassing, consoling, appetitive, and cerebral” (Schwartz, 1994, p. 8),…show more content…
She writes that “it is an established fact that the idea of female sexuality prevalent over the centuries is not something given in nature, or biologically true, but is only a “cultural construction” (Kar, 2015, p. 24). Kar considers that by being culturally constructed, it absorbed lots of means to disempower women, and the medical sciences together with literature is two most powerful tools of this cultural absorption. Cultural oppression and suppression constitute this process. According to Kar (2015), “within this system, female sexuality was believed to be essentially passive” (p. 24). People believed this because they were taught that biologically female sexual organs were devoted to serve only one function that is reproductive one. Sexual fulfillment was out of the question, a luxury that women could not afford. Women were considered to be less sexually desirous compared to men. They were obliged to seek fulfillment by following their “natural destiny”, namely to be a good wife and mother. This all formed the stereotype of ideal female sexuality that is close to “neutral” because women should be modest, passive and even passionless. Such norm of sexual behavior was deeply rooted in many cultures and societies around the globe. However, some people were adherent to this norm, while others became the aberrant. Some women claimed that they had as much of the right to speak about sex as men. At the same time, each society tried to calm those who
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