The Sexuality Of Social Stigma

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One young man from Michigan states that, “My stepfather caught me watching the show once, and treated me like I was mentally ill (thankfully, he 's mentioned it to no one else)… I 'm still afraid of social stigma for being public about my appreciation for the show.” Bussey and Bandura would suggest that this is a standard practice for fathers reacting more negatively to their son’s gender infractions. For many people, it is hard to see men occupy a feminized space and still see them as masculine. After discovering the Brony fandom, many people have questions regarding the sexuality of the fandom such as the following Yahoo Answers post from a concerned parent of a fan:
Well I just created my account, so I can ask this. Yesterday I came home from work early, and I walked up to my 15 year old sons [sic] room. When I opened it, I saw him with headphones watching "My little pony". He didn 't notice me, so I just acted like nothing happened. Could he be gay, or just likes the show?
Update: Please explain what a "brony" is. Are they a gay group of men? Or sonthing [sic] else?
Learning that his adolescent son is watching a cartoon about ponies, this parent draws the conclusion that his child is gay. His assumptions demonstrate how members of society regard masculine space because enjoying ponies relegates young men into an effeminate position. Thankfully, there are number of people who answer his question by explaining the fandom to him. Questions of sexuality are the largest
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