The Sexuality of Adolescent Americans in 'Juno'

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The Sexuality of Adolescent Americans: Juno Abstract Sexuality and sex in America is a complicated subject in that there is little consensus on the topic of sex in, and the American media sends many mixed messages regarding sex and sexuality to everyone, not just to adolescents. Americans are aware of sex primarily through advertising (print media, commercials, etc.) as sex is used to sell anything and everything. The media also bombards Americans with sexuality and sex on television and in films. The sexuality of teenagers is not a straightforward issue in America either. Many parents do not discuss sex or sexuality with their children. There have been ongoing debates as to whether sexuality should be taught as part of school curricula because there are such a great deal of adolescents participating in reckless and/or dangerous sexual behaviors, largely because they are grossly uneducated about sex. The paper will reference the film Juno and other texts as a meditation on the relationship between adolescent sexuality and the media. Keywords: Juno, sexuality, sex, teenagers, adolescents, adolescence, media, advertising, film studies, media analysis, cultural studies, human sexuality, human development The Sexuality of Adolescent Americans: Juno Confronting the reality that their children are no longer children, terrifies and paralyzes many parents around the world, yet, it is still a reality. Denial does nothing to ameliorate their feelings or the situation

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