The Sexualization of Youth and the Effects that It Has on Children, Teenagers and on Adults

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SUMMARY This report investigates the sexualisation of youth and the effects that it has on children, teenagers and on adults. I will be first telling you a bit about the sexualisation of youth and a brief description of what it actually is and who it is affecting. The discussion then focuses on the advantages and disadvantage of the changes that have happened over the years to the sexualisation of children teenagers and even to adults. INTRODUCTION AN OVERVIEW OF THE SEXUALISATION OF YOUTH The purpose of this report is to talk about the sexualisation of youth and to discuss what this issue is doing to our children and to our life’s. The sexualisation of our children is effecting more than just the children affected is effecting…show more content…
The change in clothing began in the 1960s were it went from wearing what was classed as simple and conservative then went to care free and relaxed dress wear but at the beginning of this change in trends people were actually disgusted in the change and didn’t like the fact the girls were wearing miniskirts but by the end of the 1960 most of Australian girls were wearing the miniskirt. Around this same time the hippy trend came out this was the movement that tried to shift from what was the current western fashion, so that people could try and embrace clothing made from natural fabrics dyed with bright colour. The clothing of men and teenage boys hasn’t changed as much as that of girls but it has changed a little bit over the years. Boys are now seen more in a casual wear then in a suit of in business or work wear they are now becoming more involved in other actives other than just being interested in just being in the workplace. ASSOCIATED BEHAVIOUR The behaviour of young teenagers has changed a lot over the years it is now becoming more and more acceptable to swear when you want to it has become less acceptable to hit

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