The Shabbata Essay

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In the graphic novel “The Shabbat” by Marjane Satrapi the protagonist Marji is shaped by the war that rages in her country. Marji has lost her childhood due to political issues, represented through the artstyle and actions and thoughts of Marji. Marji’s thoughts and words throughout the graphic novel give insight to the character she is developing into. After her neighborhood is hit by a missile Marji runs out of the store she was in. As she runs out of the store Marji thinks to herself “If someone had timed me, I think i would have beat the world speed record”(Satrapi 138). Despite the war and fear she feels, Marji is still a child and thinks like one. She avoids the war and continues to act as though any day is like another. Marji goes shopping for jeans with her friend instead of worrying about…show more content…
Thought the “Shabbat” the art style has been less realistic and without any shading. A missile explodes in Marji’s neighborhood, Tavanir. After the Baba-Levy’s house is bombed the style changes to incorporate shading the items also become more realistic. For Marji the war and the consequences of it has become evident. The only un realistic image in the scene was something Marji noticed, “Something caught my attention. I saw a turquoise bracelet. It was Neda’s…. The bracelet was still attached to … I don’t know what…” (Satrapi 142). Death is a hard truth for many people to realize, for Marji she realized that people her own age were dying in a war they had nothing to do with. As a child Marji is denying what the bracelet is attached to, she covers her eyes to avoid seeing the remains of Neda, just an arm in the rubble. Marji is a child who lost her childhood to the war in her country. The graphic novel “The Shabbat”, shows the protagonist Marji growing up in a time of war and how that has sculpted her. In the graphic novel Marji not only lost her childhood but also a
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