The Shack Review

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Young, I was expecting a gory memoir of a child who was kidnaped and brutally murdered. But it is so much more. The book goes on to tell the story of Mackenzie Allen Philips, or Mack, who had a drunk for a father that regularly abused him. Over his childhood, he struggled in his relationship with God, which lead him down the path of the “Great Sadness” after his youngest daughter, Missy, was kidnapped. The so-called serial killer “Little Lady Killer” takes his daughter while on a camping trip with his three youngest. The police and Mack search desperately for Missy, and end up finding her bloody dress in a shack in the remote wilderness of Washington. Three and a half years later, Mack receives a strange letter in his mail box telling him to go to the shack where Missy’s dress was found. It’s signed at the end with “Papa”, the name Mack’s wife refers to God as. He goes to the shack only to find himself being faced with the Holy Trinity; God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. Only, God appears as a female version of Morgan Freeman, Jesus appears as a modern-day carpenter, and the Holy Ghost appears as an almost translucent Asian lady called Sarayu (pronounced Suh-ruh-yu). There he is faced with having to learn to trust in God even though it feels as if he is no where to be found, and cope with the death of Missy. Mack has, to say, run-ins with stories from the Bible that were made reality for him, for example walking on water with…

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