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Professor Provost RPW 210 27 October 2011 The Shallows; Real or Make Believe The Internet is something that some consider their lifesavers, while others believe that it takes their life away. The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, by Nicholas Carr is a novel that explores the different areas of how new technologies affect humans in different ways, regarding multi-tasking and distractions, to how new technologies make us lose a little part of ourselves. Throughout the book Carr puts forward very strong arguments, but then loses creditability with his use of fallacies in argument. Within the very first chapter “Hal and Me”, is where the first fallacy arises. “Hal and Me”, gives the reader some insight of what they…show more content…
Many generalizations are present throughout this chapter that weaken Carr’s argument. This quote is just one of the few generalizations, “The intellectual ethic of a technology is rarely recognized by its inventors. They are usually so intent on solving a particular problem or untangling some thorny scientific or engineering dilemma that they don’t see the implications of their work. The users of the technology are also usually oblivious to its ethic. They, too, are concerned with the practical benefits they gain from employing the tool” (Carr 45). As stated before this quote is a generalization. Carr is generalizing with the assumption that inventors are usually so intent on solving a problem that they aren’t focuses on the benefits or consumers, which isn’t very true anymore. Many inventors who create products are now looing for the benefits that its user or consumer will get. Therefore this quote can confuse the reader. Another contradiction appears in chapter 3 “Tools of the Mind”, Carr states “Language itself is not a technology” (51). This is a contradiction to chapter 5 “A Medium Of The Most General Nature”, where the whole concept of the chapter is writing and reading, which is considered language to most. When reading chapter 5 and remembering this quote, it makes the reader question Carr’s credibility of chapter 3 of how language evolves from humans, and that reading and writing is part of our culture and is not a technology.

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