The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

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In The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, he asserts that the evolution of information and communication technology (ICTs) is having a detrimental impact on our brains despite the many benefits and advances we have made with it. His main focus is on the internet which he commonly refers to as the “universal medium” (92). Carr presents a very detailed but biased argument in which he views the internet and other technologies as the adversary of critical thinking and progress. To Carr, we are sacrificing our ability to think logically because we are choosing a simpler way to gain knowledge. Carr mentions the effect that technology has on the neurological processes of the brain by explaining the concept of plasticity. Plasticity is described as the brain’s response through neurological pathways through experiences. The brain regions “change with experience, circumstance, and need” (29). Carr explains that brain plasticity also responds to experiences that cause damage to the nervous system. Carr describes the process in which injuries sustained in accidents “reveal how extensively the brain can reorganize itself” (29).I have heard stories in which amputees are said to have a reaction to their amputated limb; it is known as a phantom limb. These types of studies are helpful in supporting the claim that the brain can be restructured. Carr asserts that the internet is restructuring our brains while citing the brain plasticity experiments and studies done by other scientists. I have
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