The Shame Of The Nation : Jonathon Kozol

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The Shame of the Nation: Jonathon Kozol

Jonathon Kozol’s, “ The Shame of the Nation”, mainly covers the the discoveries of Jonathon Kozol of the discrimination and segregation that is still implemented today throughout schools in the United States, since the Supreme Court had tried to eradicate ruling of Brown v. Board of Education. Kozol travels a wide plethora of schools, where he records his findings, many troubling and of the apparent discrimination still experienced by minority school children in places like the Bronx. Essentially, this book was an eye opener to the average american. One would have never thought that the experiences Kozol was told by some of the children had talked about would ever have happened in an average public school. Chapter 1 talked about dishonoring the dead. Kozol talks about how schools that are usually named after famous black activists such as Martin Luther King would be very much inferred as integrated, but they are very much the opposite. Many schools are still very segregated, which is unfortunate considering it is the complete opposite of what Luther spent his life fighting for. Kozol makes it apparent that minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics attend schools that are predominantly minorities. This creates a problem within itself, as whites do not attend schools that have large numbers of minorities, causing even more segregation. Overall, Kozol is trying to prove that segregation as a whole is still alive…
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