The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol

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Analysis of the mechanics of the book. If anyone in the United States were asked, "What is the best part about living in this country?," most people would answer "equality". The United States is built on and known for the equality among its citizens and is often referred to as the 'melting pot'. After reading Jonathan Kozol's, The Shame of the Nation, equality is nonexistent within the schools he has gone to, and has been employed through. With his travels, expert testimony and personal stories gathered from the people within the community and schools, he shows the exact opposite of equality. Minority schools being his main focus, he discusses the inequalities these students endure and truly opens up your eyes to just how awful these minority schools have it. Jonathan Kozol is successful in his writing of The Shame of the Nation, and makes himself a voice for these minority schools that are denied of their voices. The way Kozol chooses to organize his book is very effective. It has a topical way of organization with a touch of chronological usage through the book. Instead of just starting right into his points that he strives to make, he begins the book with a little history about himself and how he ended up in the position of traveling to these different schools. This is extremely necessary to the book, without it the reader would have no idea as to why he chose to do his observations and how he came to love what he does. Knowing that he has the experience of teaching…
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