The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Is Only At The Initial Stage Of Its Development

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Thus, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is only at the initial stage of its development, there are obvious problems, but there is progress. After just five years since its foundation, it is developing a high-level cooperation in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism. There is the potential for qualitative steps in the fight against the drug menace, successfully developing economic cooperation, signed many important documents are created and continue to create the necessary structures and mechanisms for their implementation. For the SCO there is still much to do and decide, but it is already clear, the organization becomes a powerful and effective international institution that attracts the eyes from all around the globe, it is gradually turning into an important tool of international politics and security.
In recent years there have been many discussions and comments on the geopolitical nature of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Matthew Brummer in the Journal of international affairs, monitors the effects of the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the Persian Gulf. Iranian writer Hamid Golpira said: "According to the theory of Zbigniew Brzezinski , control the Eurasian continent is the key to world domination, and control over Central Asia is the key to control of the Eurasian continent. Russia and China have drawn attention to Brzezinski 's theory, since they formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2001,
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