The Shanghai Girl ��� Is The Chinese American Writer

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《Shanghai Girls》 is the Chinese-American writer, Lisa See published in 2009. In this novel, the theme of the novel is often interpreted as describing her emotions. About her life in China and the United States, with plenty of space describes the life of Chinese immigrants and her mentality, and appearing the homesick theme of the novel. This article focus on China 's Shanghai, Angel Island in United States and Los Angeles, those three places for basic point. And show the protagonist pearl and May as the representative of Chinese immigrants, they were forced to flee from China, then to the full of hopeful and expectation to America. The author use theme layers forward to reveal the theme of the novel homesickness. 《Shanghai Girls 》 has enriched the literary theme of immigration; broaden the horizons of Chinese American Literature. These have three issues that worth of research: The background of the article; the relationship between this article and the history of California; and this book reflects the historical process of Chinese immigrants at that time. 《 Shanghai Girls 》is a complex and profound historical story about two sisters. First, according to the historic meaning of the text, it can be inferred that not only reflects the experience of Shanghai girl living writers, but also reflects the social and cultural conditions found in the historical period of residence. So Shanghai girl is a pre-existing history text functions proved that it is able to participate in the
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