The Shape of Practical Theology

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Book Report: The Shape of Practical Theology In The Shape of Practical Theology: Empowering Ministry with Theological Praxis, Ray Anderson attempts what he considers a new approach to modern Christianity. Anderson believes that the modern church is plagued by a significant divide between theology and practical Christianity. Many churches approach these two aspects of religion as if they are separate, rather the practical sides of Christianity lacking. Therefore, Anderson's goal in the book is to relate modern practical Christianity directly to theology. He uses theology to tackle some of the major social issues that impact on modern practicing Christians including: preaching, worship, family, therapy, burnout, relationships, social justice, ethics, and homosexuality. Instead of treating these issues as if they are separate from theology, Anderson demonstrates how theology directly interacts with each of these issues. Anderson uses a three-prong approach to explain his theological approach to modern Christianity. The first prong is the shape of practical theology. The goal of this section is not to merely describe the skills and methods that people use to engage in theology, but to look at practical theology as a meaningful way to grow one's relationship with God and one's understanding of Scripture. In this section, Anderson introduces the concept of practical theology, talks about the discipline of practical theology, a Trinitarian model of practical theology, looking
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