The Shaping Of The Type Of Leader I

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The shaping of the type of leader I am came from the adversity that I faced in my life. To understand this more clearly, we must start at the beginning of my story when I lived in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the poorest countries in the world with many of its citizens living in poverty. My family was one of those citizens. We lived in a household of ten people. Our house was the size of a town house with limited water supply that was shared between neighborhoods. The majority of the people in the neighborhood were uneducated because schooling was expensive. Thus my mother and father only completed schooling up to high school. My mother was a housewife and my father was a street merchant. He sold electronic parts at the flea market. Our…show more content…
These experiences forced me to learn to cope with failing effectively if I wanted to achieve success. I remember in seventh grade my grades got worse and worse until eventually I had to retake many courses in the summer (I was basically destined to be forgotten in the public system). I remember skulking in my bedroom feeling the weight of failure and humiliation over my situation. I felt humiliation because my parents had done so much for their kids to have a better life, and I felt that I was not living up to their standards. This weight of failure became motivation for me for future success. First I surrounded myself with mentors and learned how to properly teach, focus and apply myself. That summer would become the last summer I would ever spend at a school. From my resilience, my hard working characteristic was developed. I wouldn’t have gotten my college acceptance/scholarship without many 6 hour nights, and opting out of many social events to focus on my studies. But my hard working personality extends further than just academics – When I hit the age of 16, I got my first job. It was not because I thought it would be fun, but it was because I needed it. My parents were already working multiple jobs to just keep us financially afloat and so I needed to make some pocket cash for myself. I began as a page at a library. I quit three weeks later because it was unengaging and there was nothing to gain from the job. Two weeks after I
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