The Sharing Economy : Based On Uber Case

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The Sharing Economy has been one of the most popular words recently and companies like Uber, Airbnb as well as more startups are still sprawling all over the world. Yet, what is Sharing economy? What happens to the Sharing Economy? And upon that, most arguably, what are pros and cons of it? What shall we do? Towering amount of article have only one definition and few side of perspective. The Article instead summarize Allen’s research (2014) on sharing economy and efforts by Franzetti, A. (2015) and Juliet Schor (2014). The whole article will give you an overall landscape of various reasons both for and against the sharing economy. Suggestion at last will also be given to different departments. Keywords: Sharing Economy, Pros and Cons, Uber…show more content…
Such transactions are often facilitated via community-based online services. According to previous researches, Juliet Schor (2014) have already divided sharing economy into 4 main categories: recirculation of goods, increased utilization of durable assets, exchange of services, and sharing of productive assets. Besides the common way, in our understanding, the sharing economy can also be divided into 3 parts according to its nature: space, time, tools. Specifically, we could share public space with other, which is mostly provided by government, we could also provide living place through Airbnb. We at the same time share our time to work for others like driving Uber or other labor services. Tools are more widely spread. We share our used book, CD etc. In terms of suppliers and consumers, we can share peer to peer, we can also share via business to individuals, we have non-profit sharing such as time bank, we currently have increasing number of for-profit companies such as the most successful Uber. (In this article, we will take Uber for example in analyzing the sharing economy) Ultimately, why do we want to share? This question cannot be more important since it helps to learn from the origin and procedure of the sharing economy. Basically speaking, people do things because motivation, and we could benefit each other by sharing extra capacity with
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