The Sharing of Personal Data by Mobile Phone Companies

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The development of the digital cloud from an area for small file storage to one of continuous connectivity and communication is having a significant influence on the quantity and forms of personal data stored by users. Expansions in user technologies and the systems that associate them have allowed this nonstop recording of any individual’s data. A multitude of companies are manipulating these devices abilities and producing extensive amounts of raw data about the public and commercial actions of users. Malte Spitz from TED, talks about the methods in which your phone company can accumulate, access and even distribute surprisingly large quantities of personal information that would normally be considered private by consumers. Companies are constantly looking toward changes that will make private data infinitely diverse from that which defined pre-digital society. Individuals have voiced specific worries about how phone and internet companies can be trusted to manage the threats to private data in the online world, specifically financial loss and social reputation. Many consumers believe that phone companies have a moral obligation to be able to withhold private information, however, cannot be trusted to do so until legal parameters are put in place. Users are partaking in a growing variety of societal and commercial activities online, as well as the development of substantial networking data. Malte Spitz explains that, “in the summer of 2006, the E.U. Commission tabled a
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