The Shark : The Predator Of The Sea

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Over 350 million years ago, the shark species has been labeled as the apex predator of the sea. With the increase in human population the demand for shark meat and fins are at an all time high therefore, the existence of the shark is becoming a concern. Individuals are observing to think of sharks as a negative feature to the environment, which is prolonging the effect to prevent shark species from becoming extinct. With that in mind, not only are human over-fishing sharks, but also the CO2 emission into the ocean are also at an all time high and quickly rising. Some private as well as national organizations have accepted the challenge of educating and informing individuals concerning the existence of the shark specie and also the effect of ocean acidification to its importance to the sea.
The ocean’s ecosystem is made up of complex food webs, which the sharks play a vital role in. Sharks are at the top of the food chain in nearly every part of every ocean. They keep populations of other fish healthy and assure that those fish stay in their own part ecosystem. We are beginning to see a large epidemic, where sharks are being eliminated, ultimately engendering the balance of the marine ecosystem. In the parts of the ocean that sharks have been heavily fished, there is clear evidence of an unbalanced marine ecosystem. Sharks are being killed for their fins for shark fin soup, it is said that, “many fishermen prefer to practice shark finning instead of bringing whole sharks to
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