The Shattered World : Shattered

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Shattered World
Have you ever had your entire world shattered? Do you remember where you were when you had this happen? I remember when my entire world fell apart, and it started on the first of November. I was sitting in my calculus class after lunch finishing up some bookwork when the principal came in asking for me. Everyone eyed me as I followed the principal to his office. When I got there my parents were standing by his dark oak wood desk in tears, and Harry’s parents were in tears on the other side of the small room. I froze waiting at the doorway unsure of what happened. Where was Harry? He had told me during lunch that he was going home to do something. Was he caught skipping? Did he get a ticket? Did he get in an accident? “What happened?” I ask not wanting to face the facts that something bad was happening. Anne turned giving me a frown before collapsing back into Robin’s arms. My mom walked over to me sitting me down. The words that flowed out of my mom’s mouth were almost like slow motion and then they hit hard. Gasping for air, tears unable to even slip out, and the heartache in my chest almost killed me. “How could he do this?” I ask walking around the red walled bedroom Harry and I used to see every day afterschool since we became friends in fifth grade. The pictures of the chocolate brown curly head kid hung up around the walls only making me sob harder. “He wrote notes.” Anne chokes out handing me a note labeled with my name. I just looked at that shaky…

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