The Shattering Sky By Erin Hunter

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The book, The Shattering Sky, by Erin Hunter, is a very good book. It is about how foreign cats from outside of the forest that are brutal and destroyed Skyclan, and old cat clan, came over to the Forest clans. Their Leader, DarkTail, was a very smart individual. He knew how to fight cats and how to teach them. Some new information I learned today was that DarkTail, a treacherous cat, is actually OneStar's son. Onestar was a very good and respected leader of WindClan. Onestar was even known to all the clans that he was brave and strong. In the text, Alder Paw says, “Onestar was the most respected and bravest leader of all time” ( Erin 158). Even a cat from another clan was saying that Onestar was a good cat. Onestar basically disowned Darktail
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