The Shaw Festival And The Show Itself

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Part 1: The Shaw festival and the show itself.

History of Shaw festival and Doherty and Rand
Shaw’s works were only sporadically performed before 1962. This changed when lawyer Brian Doherty offered up the idea of having a theatre company attributed to Shaw the way Stratford was to Shakespeare. The company was created as “A salute to shaw” to help give the town a financial boost. In the year of 1962 Doherty was named both artistic director and producer bring the shows ‘Don Juan in Hell’ and ‘Candida’ to the stage. Throughout all of the changes in titles Doherty worked on “A salute to shaw” that produced a major milestone on June 12, 1973. That milestone being the opening of the new Shaw Festival theatre by Queen Elizabeth herself. During this time Calvin Rand arts Professor from the University of Buffalo became president of the company and help move the company forward.

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Ticket structor Audience:
The audience for the Alice the had a median age of mid-sixties. From this it can be inferred that Shaw draws heavily from the retired crowed for their

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