`` The Shawl `` : A Devastating Story Centered On The Holocaust

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“The Shawl” is a very devastating story centered on the Holocaust. It is a story of determination, survival, and sacrifice. It is based on the experiences of Rosa, Stella the niece, and Magda; Rosa’s daughter. Rosa lives to tell her story of the events surrounding her daughter’s death. What we have learned about the Holocaust, especially the violence makes the story realistic, tragic and compelling at the same time. The shawl becomes a symbol of survival, protection, and comfort for all three characters. There is violence depicted in this story in a few ways. The horror of the Holocaust is so painful to think about and this story reminds us and draws us in. Violence may be physical and can also be emotional due to the devastating events in our lives.
The obvious violence is the experiences of the Holocaust. The violence of the Holocaust is something so horrific; we often try to forget it. The events such as starvation, disease, exhaustion, and executions are hard for us to imagine. We wonder how anyone can survive these conditions. The drive to survive is one of the strongest emotions we as human beings can experience. The physical and emotional trauma people endure can change their mental outlook. This can make it hard for them to move on and become a productive member of society. We can learn from them and this may help us to understand and give us the ability to help them heal. A second portrayal of violence is between the characters. Stella is only fourteen and jealous…
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